AKSpen.gifMelee-Sports Fencing Club
  • MSFC was owned and operated by Aaron Kandlik from the summer of 2000 to the summer of 2001. Though MSFC has long since closed it's doors, Aaron continues to coach fencing throughout the US. He currently resides in San Diego, CA.
  • The content of this site is intended to be a reference for students, camps, clinics, and workshops taught by Aaron. References for the material found in this site include:
  1. The (now defunct) US Fencing Coaches College manuals (dating from 98-08)
  2. Various publications distributed by the USFCA
  3. Aaron's fencing library.

Aaron is for hire for clinics, workshops, and short-term coaching. For more information you can follow this link, or contact Aaron by email: click here.